Tool Envy

Currently I’ve been doing a lot of work using a product and language that most developers consider dead. It bothers me at times, but the tools suits the job and plays the bills.

But recently there’s been some cracks in my pragmatic attitude.  I attend the local SQL Server user group and the presenter is running a laptop with three virtualized servers to demonstrate how to troubleshoot database connections.  I port a project to C# and I’m loving the productivity of Visual Studio and the fact I can handle files with different encodings without having to jump though a bunch of hoops. I’ve started dreaming of creating applications instead of glorified data scrubbers.  I’m starting to wake up…

I may not have the greatest hardware and a MSDN subscription, but I have a decent workstation and a copy of Visual Studio 2008.  I’ve scrounged a decent library of digital and dead tree references. I have one of the best user groups in the nation and a few interested coworkers. I have projects in mind and itches to scratch…


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